Tarlton and Son, Inc.
2017 Project of the Year
HOTEL CALIFORNIAN: Santa Barbara, California

   In a seaside town notorious for its beauty, it can be hard for new construction to fit in, let alone stand out. Yet that’s exactly what Tarlton and Son, Inc.’s latest Santa Barbara project, the Hotel Californian, has done. This “gorgeous” project, as Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider calls it, is the culmination of decades of planning and design, and the final product was built with such a level of precision and proficiency as to be a true standout in the construction industry.
   A special aspect of the project is the fact that it was essentially a rebuild of a historic building. The original Hotel Californian, built in 1925, was part of the “new wave of Spanish Colonial Revival style structures” being built in Santa Barbara at the time. It flourished for a quarter century before beginning a slow decline. Eventually, in the late 1990s, the first in a series of developers began the undertaking of rebuilding. Tarlton and Son, Inc. was chosen to bring their decades-long vision to reality, maintaining key design elements such as the original plaster facade and even reusing Spanish tiles from the 1925 hotel.
   The execution of this final multi-building hotel, which required immense skill, spans over three ocean view corners of the world-famous State Street and is truly a sight to behold. Tarlton and Son Inc. performed the following scopes of work to complete the newly and upgraded plaster system design:scaffolding, weather barrier systems, window flashings, exterior caulking, lath, plaster and small to very large custom architectural plastered shapes, in order to achieve the many design elements required within the building plan. Tarlton and Son Inc. also worked with the following product manufacturers to complete their work: Cemco accessories and water management products, Grace self adhering flashings, Fortifiber weather barrier and caulking, Dow caulking products, Structa Wire metal lath, Quikrete Plaster and STO Corporation to design the proper plastering systems for a variety of different substrates throughout the project. One of our most challenging substrates was plastering over 92 year old red brick from the original hotel. This area required a custom water management design and a series of layers with Quikrete and STO materials. Tarlton and Son, Inc. used Quikrete engineered cement stucco mix, troweling it to achieve the historical replication. This was followed by STO reinforcing mesh, embedded with BTS plus and STO Powerflex Freeform acrylic finish troweled to a smooth historical texture. In addition, there were approximately 200 different plaster wrapped custom EPS profiles, varying from large finials, cornices and corbels to very intricate chimney caps, small molds and plaster grills.
   The Hotel Californian is a project we are very proud of. It was built on time and exceeded expectations by honoring the past while revitalizing blocks of downtown Santa Barbara to be enjoyed for many years in the future.